About Us

The NZ Game & Conservation Alliance, is a member-based incorporated society, established in 2019. ‘The Alliance’ as it is more commonly known, operates under the volunteer management of the Committee Members, and employs one part-time administration assistant.

Our Vision for the future is excellence in managed game shooting across New Zealand. We will achieve this by promoting and safeguarding sporting game shooting across the country.

There are two main elements to this mission:

  1. Fighting the current and immediate threat to the operation of managed game preserves, through advocacy and legal action as required
  2. Representing everyone who is involved in game shooting; beaters, pickers, gamekeepers, breeders, shoot owners, guns, and suppliers as a professional source of information, guidance, and ultimately regulation.


  • Allow shooting preserves to operate responsibly within NZ
  • Encourage sustainable management of game birds for sport and conservation
  • Operate a code of conduct for preserves and those who participate in the sport to establish best practice
  • To promote conservation and scientific research for the betterment of the sport in conjunction with the ethics of good sportsmanship
  • Be a voice of NZ game sportsmen and women

The NZ Game & Conservation Alliance Code of Practice

This Code Requires:

  • Safety, observance of game, shooting and gun ownership law.
  • Respect for quarry, habitat and the wider countryside and good manners.
  • Shooters should aim to take shoots that match their skills and capabilities and good manners.
  • Shooters must ensure they know and recognise the intended quarry species and comply with all relevant regulations.
  • All shooters must be in possession of a current game shooting licence.


  • Check barrels are clear at the start of each drive.
  • When closing your gun bring the stock up to the barrels to ensure barrel never points below the skyline.
  • Hold your gun broken or with barrels pointed to the sky.
  • Only take a shot if you are 100% sure it is safe and you only have a sky background.
  • Never swing through the line.
  • Don’t shoot behind the line unless you have checked with shoot captain.
  • Always ensure your gun is unloaded before placing in slip.

Good Manners & Etiquette

  • Don’t dawdle from vehicle to peg.
  • Don’t raise your gun to easy low flying targets.
  • Respect your neighbour’s bird.
  • If your bird is not killed with your first shot a follow up shot is required.
  • Encourage and praise good shots.
  • Be respectful to your fellow guns, beaters and picker uppers.
  • Mark where your birds have fallen and advise picker uppers prior to leaving peg.
  • Pick up spent cartridges and litter whilst in the field.

Postal Address

The NZ Game & Conservation Alliance
P.O Box 91331
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142